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How long does it take to make a tag?

Each tag is custom made and involves a few different layers. Because of this and the materials used to make the tags, they can take around 7 to 10 days to make.

What are the tags made from?

The tags are made with an acrylic blank and sealed with resin on either side. The resin helps increase durability and help prevent scratches.

How do I clean my tag?

We recommend wiping the tag with a soft cloth and some mild dish soap. Please try to store your tag out of direct sunlight for long periods of time as this can discolour the resin over time and also make it go soft. If you find you have left your tag out in the sun and it has gone soft, do not worry too much as it will become solid again once temperatures have cooled down.

I am not happy with my tag, what can I do?

Unfortunately, because all tags are custom made we cannot accept returns. If you find that there has been a mistake on our behalf regarding your order please get in touch. However, please choose your designs carefully because if there is a mistake on your behalf it is unlikely we can accept a return on them. If you experience any problems with your tag please get in touch with us.

Yikes! My dog ate their tag. What should I do?

Resin is a synthetic material so it is recommended you contact your vet in this situation. Please note Collie and Co will not be liable for any damages to your pet if they ingest their tags.

I have changed my mind or want to cancel my order, what can I do?

In the event where you have changed your mind or want to cancel an order please get in touch as soon as possible. In some instances where tags have not started production we can accommodate your request. However, if a tag has already started production it is unlikely we can amend or cancel your order. This is because tags are custom made to your request.

What is your warranty for tags?

Every tag is custom made, and made with love. Sometimes we understand tags can be faulty. This can range from a few factors, if you believe your tag is faulty please get in touch. All tags will have a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase. Please remember to handle tags carefully.

What material are the clasps made from?

Clasps are made from a zinc alloy material. This means that they may discolour or rust over time if exposed to water and not dried properly or can can occur due to moisture in the air. If you want a stainless steel attachment these can be purchased at an extra cost. Stainless steel clasps will not rust, fade or discolour.

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